Privacy statement Art and the City

Based on the General Data Protection Regulation, we have drawn up this privacy statement in which we explain, among other things, which data we request from students and what they are used for. This Privacy Statement is in addition to and forms part of our General Conditions (see here).

Requested data

In principle, Art and the City deals directly with its students. In order to properly carry out its work (giving courses and everything that comes with it) Art and the City requires a number of details from the students. These are

name student

(mobile) telephone number student

e-mail address student

invoice address (this may be the address of the student or a different invoice address, in which case a telephone number and name of contact person may also be given).

If the student wishes to receive a certificate after the course, we also ask for the date of birth of the student.

If a potential student does not wish to provide the above information (with the exception of the data required for the Certificate), it is impossible for him/her to take a course with us.


Security and careful handling

Art and the City will treat the personal data provided with the utmost care. In principle, data are not kept on paper. Most of the documents, lists and databases are stored and used digitally, partly locally and mostly online. Art and the City uses Google’s business services with storage in the secure cloud and also takes great care to prevent the data from falling into the hands of third parties, such as password-protected login accounts, active virus scanners, shredding of occasionally printed lists, etc.


Recordings of digital lessons

Art and the City makes recordings of the digital lessons purely for the benefit of the participants themselves. After a lesson, these recordings can be viewed for 2 weeks. Afterwards they will be removed from the digital environment.

Storage period

Art and the City keeps the data provided by the course participant as long as this is necessary for the correct execution of the activities (giving courses). If it concerns an information request or quotation, the data will be kept for a maximum of 1 year, in order to be able to advise the potential student as well as possible when (still) booking a course and, for instance, to check earlier made appointments. In the case of booked (‘sold’) courses, Art and the City, which sells the courses via its website, is legally obliged to retain the sales data for 7 years.

Right to be forgotten

Students have the right to be forgotten, as long as this does not conflict with the legally required retention period (see above). To this end, the course participant can contact Art and the City (contact details at the end of this statement), after which it will do everything in its power to remove and delete the personal data.


However, this is not possible if the course participant is still following a course or has booked one (see explanation above under ‘Requested data’ as well as under ‘Retention period’).

Use of personal data by Google Analytics

We have taken the necessary measures to guarantee the privacy of course participants with regard to the use of Google Analytics. We would like to point out the following:

Google Analytics uses cookies;

Art and the City has concluded a processing agreement with Google Analytics;

Art and the City has configured the data to be processed anonymously;

Art and the City has deactivated data sharing; and

Art and the City uses Google Analytics cookies for keyword suggestions for advertising purposes. No personal data are used because these are processed anonymously.

What the data will and will not be used for

Art and the City does not use the personal data provided by students for advertising purposes, nor does it sell or pass it on to third parties.

However, the data is explicitly necessary for the planning and smooth running of the courses and is therefore provided to the teacher who is giving the booked course. This concerns only the name, e-mail address, place of residence and telephone number of the course participant. The teacher will only use the data for communication about the courses and in exceptional cases – for example, a last-minute absence – to reach the students.

Art and the City will only pass on student data to third parties in the event that it is obliged to do so on the basis of the law or a court ruling.

Furthermore, if the course participant has registered for this, the e-mail address of the course participant will be used to send our newsletter occasionally. The student can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the link in the newsletter.

Processing agreements with suppliers

The services offered by Art and the City are not of such a nature that they require the exchange of students’ personal data with suppliers or other third parties – with the exception of the groups or persons mentioned in this statement and with the exception of our supplier of the books that students can order from Art and the City. In case of a book order, only the name of the course participant and the location of the course are passed on to the supplier, in order to guarantee a correct delivery of the purchased articles.

Changes to this privacy statement

Art and the City reserves the right to amend this declaration from time to time if desired and/or necessary.

Complaints, objections or request to be forgotten

If the course participant has complaints about the way in which personal data is handled or is handled, or has objections to the storage and retention of this data, we naturally hope to resolve these together.

The course participant can contact us for this purpose:

Art City,

Francisca Rosner

tel. nr. 085-1301249

email: art [a}

Should a dispute nevertheless arise, then contact can be made with the Dutch Data Protection Authority where a complaint can be submitted on the basis of the Privacy Act.


By registering with us, you declare that you are familiar with and agree to the above and grant us permission to (digitally) store and use the personal information provided by you, as described above.

Privacy statement Art and the City ovk. AVG (v.04/18)


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