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Illustrator is another powerful program in the Adobe suite, giving users the ability to make fabulous digital art, infographics, and logos. If you’re serious about a career in marketing, media, or design, this Adobe Illustrator course could put you one step ahead of the competition!

Why Choose an illustrator Course?

When used correctly, Illustrator gives users the power to create incredible vector art. This makes it perfect for graphic designers who want to create everything from website thumbnails to huge billboard advertisements, all without sacrificing quality. Adobe Illustrator is the graphic designer’s best friend and is ideal for creating a diverse array of branding, social media, and marketing materials. Designers can create everything from icons to fonts with this dynamic program. But one must learn how to use it first!

Suitable For Both Beginner and Advanced illustrators

We’ve designed this program to be as enjoyable and engaging as possible, offering two levels depending on experience. If you are completely new to the program, you can opt for our Beginner Illustrator course, even if you have no prior experience with graphic design. Likewise, if you’ve already mastered the basics, you can choose our Advanced Illustrator course, where you’ll learn how to design your own icons and make beautiful patterns.

The experts who teach our classes work with Illustrator every day, so this course is ideal for anyone seeking a career in graphic design, marketing, or media. Groups are also small, so you can rest assured you’ll receive our teachers’ full attention and commitment. Before each lesson, you will receive a carefully composed syllabus – a handy reference book in which the home assignments and theory are described in detail.

Learn Adobe Illustrator.
Create Beautiful Vector Art.
Get Feedback From The Pros.

Art City offers a complete Illustrator course that will give you the foundations you need to master the program independently. You’ll be guided through the basics of the program first, becoming acquainted with its powerful tools and interface. Over time, you’ll learn the advanced techniques and tricks required to create visually stunning designs. Whether you simply want to make your own logo or create your very own portfolio of digital art, this Illustrator course is for you.

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A Proven Method of Teaching

We’ve developed our teaching structure over years of practical experience. First, the teacher visually guides you, explaining how a certain technique works. You’ll then imitate and practise the method in turn. There is also scope for mutual discussion and feedback among students, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have. Our teachers will often share real-life experiences of their field – something that will prove particularly beneficial for those looking to use Adobe Illustrator professionally.

After the session, your teacher will set a homework assignment, so that you can reengage with the techniques learned in class. It is this interactive method of teaching makes our courses so effective, even for those studying part-time.

Who Is This Course For?

This Illustrator course is ideal for those who want to work in media, design, marketing, or any other role that requires creative vision. Even if you simply want to explore the world of digital art as a hobbyist, this course is a must.

What You’ll Get Out Of It

This course will make an attractive addition to your CV, and as Illustrator is such a diverse program, you’ll find the skills learned are highly transferable. If you have a passion for graphic design, illustration, or digital art in general, this Illustrator course is perfect for you. If you seek a comprehensive course that will help you master Adobe InDesign and Photoshop too, you can opt for our complete Graphic Design course instead.

Suitable For All Levels

No previous education or experience with graphic design programs are required to enrol on this course. Through personal guidance, our teachers quickly help students to find their strengths. All you need for this course is basic computer skills, such as knowing how to copy and paste.


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