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Upcoming Training Program - LEARN TO CODE!

Upcoming Training Program -

Registration is on! Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript basics. Get to develop functional and standard websites using WordPress. Also learn how to integrate marketing tools and automation.

Abuja Web Development Training
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Abuja, Nigeria

In this training program, you will learn how to successfully build standard and functional websites.

Our Online Courses - Learn at your own pace!

Our Online Courses -

It is pretty simple. Find a course that suites you, enroll and start learning. More courses coming soon!

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Web Development Course (HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress)

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₦25,000.00 ₦15,000.00
₦25,000.00 ₦15,000.00

Learn Graphic Design (Logo, Business Cards and Flyers)

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₦25,000.00 ₦15,000.00
₦25,000.00 ₦15,000.00

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Everyday, there is a need to get important tasks done. There is even more need for competency in various sectors.

At Artcity Academy, we create an online learning environment to help you learn the skills you need to succeed. We help you fuel your passion with simple and easy to understand learning sessions.

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